Job Hunting Advice: Study for That Exam

Chesterfield Township Library regularly offers advice for job-seekers.

Experts assert that the end of the year holiday season is not a time to ease up on a job search. Even if scheduling interviews with potential employers is difficult in December, people in the job market can still take time to review what needs to be accomplished to move their job search forward. 

In some cases, hitting the books, as the old saying goes, can be part of a long range plan to improve one’s marketability.  This article -- which will review resources available from the Chesterfield Township Library to study for exams required to enter various professions -- is part of an occasional feature on job hunting from the Chesterfield Township Library.

Successfully passing an exam or test is required in many cases to gain entry into a wide variety of occupations.

The Chesterfield Township Library has many resources – online and in print and video format – to help job hunters with preparing to take entry exams for civil service postings, legal and medical positions, and teaching, military, real estate and other job fields.

By using these study guides, people can prepare for licensing, certification and aptitude tests. For example, people can check out books to prepare for nursing school entrance exams; to take postal exams; to master civil service clerical exams; firefighter exams; exams to gain admission to medical school; police sergeant, lieutenant, and captain promotion exams; teacher certification testing; electricians exams; EMT basic certification exams; pharmacy technician certification exams; HVAC licensing; plumber’s licensing; bus driver tests; and the cosmetology certification exam, among many other test and examination study guides.

Also available from the library are books to help people prepare for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

The Learning Express Library website is a great online resource that people can use either in the library, or at home after first registering on the website in the library.  From a computer in the library, or from their home computer, people using Learning Express Library can take licensing, certification, and aptitude practice tests that are instantly scored. The website has practice tests for air traffic controller, civil service, commercial driver’s license, cosmetology, culinary arts, electrical, EMT, firefighter, green careers, law enforcement, military, nursing and allied health, legal, plumbing, real estate, and teaching.

The website also offers online courses to help people with test-taking skills, as well as eBooks that can be read from the computer to assist people with entering a specific profession, or to learn about and prepare to enter a profession.

To find out more about print, online, and other resources available to research job listings, potential careers, and employers, visit the Chesterfield Township Library, call (586) 598-4900, or go online at www.chelibrary.org

The Chesterfield Township Library is located at 50560 Patricia Avenue off Chesterfield Road in the Gratiot and 23 Mile Road area.  The library is open 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday through Thursday, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Fridays, and from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturdays.    



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