Tweeter Gets Wish: 'I Want My Life Narrated by Voice from Beaumont Hospital Commercials'

Beaumont shows its heart (and humor) with its response to a Twitter request.

When Beaumont Health System's social media specialists noticed a tweet from Samantha (@itsmayhem) that read—"I want my life narrated by the voice from the Beaumont Hospital commercials"—they decided to have a little fun.

We've all seen and heard the commercials with that music—and that voice. The script goes something like this:

INT. BEAUMONT HOSPITAL - DUSK A pair of doctors walk down hospital corridor. A woman purchases flowers at a gift shop. A hospital chef chops vegetables. Nurses smile while preparing a hospital bed.


Whether you've come to Beaumont for a simple screening or major surgery, you'll find the most advanced medical care in the world.

'I want my life narrated...'

With the help of the talented William Price, the voice of Beaumont's ads, Samantha got her wish to have her life narrated —sort of.

"We called (Price) and asked him if he would do it and he said yes," said Joseph Wesolek, web content planner for Beaumont. "We didn't know much about her life so we had him read her tweets."

Of the video, @itsmayhem had this to say: "I honestly was shocked that they made a video, I only had made that tweet as a joke. It's too bad he can't follow me around."

To see small a sample of what it might be like if Price could follow her around, watch the video.

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