‘What Am I Going to Do?’ Asks Woman, 85, Whose Home Was Sold at Auction Over $342 Bill

Rosemary Heidenfelder said didn’t know she owed bill for repairs, that a lien was placed on her home or that it was sold a year ago at a sheriff’s auction until she received an eviction notice in March.

Rosemary Heidenfelder has lived in her Shelby Township condo since 1978. Now, she's threatened with eviction over a $342 bill she didn't know she owed. (Screenshot: WJBK video)
Rosemary Heidenfelder has lived in her Shelby Township condo since 1978. Now, she's threatened with eviction over a $342 bill she didn't know she owed. (Screenshot: WJBK video)

An 85-year-old Michigan woman’s condominium was sold at auction over a $342 bill she said she never received, and now she says she cries herself to sleep every night worrying that she’ll be evicted.

Rosemary Heidenfelder of Shelby Township told WJBK, Channel 2, that her condo bills are automatically deducted, but the $342 maintenance bill wasn’t. So she wasn’t aware that she owed the money for repairs completed by the condo association’s management company until two months ago.

Two weeks ago, a representative of the management company visited Heidenfelder and said she would be removed and her property.

“What am I going to do?” Heidenfelder said, her voice cracking. “What am I going to do? I don’t know.”
When the bill for repairs wasn’t paid, a lien was placed on the condo, where Heidenfelder has lived since 1985, and it sold for $35,000 at a sheriff’s auction almost a year ago.

Her attorney, Michael Balian, said his client was never notified of the lien, was never told that her home was going into foreclosure, and didn’t know anything about the proceedings against her until March, when she received an eviction notice.

Kirkpatrick Management, the condominium association’s management company, did not return WJBK’s phone calls seeking comments. However, the management company’s process server, who was not identified, claimed a notice was posted on Heidenfelder’s door – all that is required

"You don't have to serve them personally, you don't have to serve them with certified mail - you just have to post on their door," Balian said.

Heidenfelder is still in her home after a Macomb County judge sided with her and held off the eviction notice. At a hearing next week, Balian will ask the judge to extend that agreement until the matter can be sorted out.

“It’s my place and nobody has the right to take it from me,” Heidenfelder told the TV station. “I’ve lived here from the first brick they laid. This is my place.”

Sherry Wynn Perdue May 28, 2014 at 06:52 AM
If this is allowed to proceed, we as community members did not do enough to protest. This is victimization. What kind of company sells a home for a 300 bill without doing everything it can to ensure that the debtor understands the debt? This is legal theft from the aging, and we should protest this management company's viability until this situation is rectified.
Canton May 28, 2014 at 08:58 AM
$35,000 - $342 = $34,658. Where did the rest of the money go? That's a sweet profit for just posting a piece of paper on the door.
Lyn May 28, 2014 at 12:14 PM
You can obtain the name of the attny representing the condo assoc. by calling the mgt. company. It would also be interesting to determine the names of the condo board member s and publicize their names. In most instances it would require their authorization to take such an action.


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