When Do Your Christmas Decorations Come Down?

Some say they remove their decorations before New Year's Day while others wait as long as the Epiphany.

Are the stockings still hung from the chimney with care?

Traditions for removing Christmas decorations vary among Chesterfield and New Baltimore families.

According to answers on our Facebook page, some households are sans Santa decor by New Year's Day while others keep their holiday cheer up into 2012. Christians who celebrate the Epiphany are waiting until Jan. 6 to take theirs down.

Patch reader Mindi Steffens wrote that she doesn't take down her decorations until the Epiphany because "that's how it always (was) growing up in my house, so I carry on that tradition."

Meanwhile, Tina Harden Stephens said her decorations are removed before the new year, stating "anything after that is considered bad luck for the new year. Ours will come down Friday evening."

Tell us when your Christmas decorations come down and why in the comments section below.

John Hetzler December 30, 2011 at 02:39 PM
Call me lazy, but I leave the Christmas decorations up well into the new year. (It helps that we have an artificial tree.)
Denise Calvert December 31, 2011 at 10:09 PM
Since I do not decorate till the 2 or 3nd week in December i like to leave my decorations up till at least the 2nd week in Jan.


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