Chesterfield Car Salesman Stars in Own Reality TV Show

Reality television series “Big Bob's World” follows Victory Motors’ manager Bob Ladendorf inside and outside Michigan’s largest volume used car dealer.

A Chesterfield used car manager, made famous for his wacky TV commercials for Victory Motors, is beginning a new adventure in reality TV.  

Larger-than-life “Big Bob” Ladendorf of Grosse Pointe Shores stars in “Big Bob’s World: Reality Gone Good," which wraps this weekend at Victory Motors, located at 517 N. Main St. in Royal Oak.

The reality series documents Ladendorf's personal and professional life. 

"Customers come in Victory Motors and Big Bob tries to them in cars they can afford," said producer Kevan Cyka, of Franklin, TN. "A lot of times they don't have cash but they have things of value they can use for a down payment."

"Musical instruments, wedding rings, silverware—I am willing to consider anything that doesn't cost money to feed," said Ladendorf, who has been selling cars for decades.

Victory Motors prides itself on finding the best car for every budget and helping customers qualify for loans, Ladendorf said.

"People want a Range Rover but want they really need is just a good car. We try not to bury them," Ladendorf said. "We try to build relationships. I want clients to stay with me for 30 years."

Every episode of "Big Bob's World" has a big reveal at the end, according to the show's producers. And, music plays a big role in the series, too.

"Music is what makes us all tick," said Ladendorf, who can be seen on stage singing and playing guitar in the series. "I felt strongly about having music in the show."

“Big Bob’s World” has not been picked up for syndication nor is it sponsored by a network, though several are interested, according to Cyka. The goal is for the show to air sometime in the late fall.


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