Chesterfield Kmart to Close

It has not been determined when the longtime Kmart on Gratiot will shut its doors.

The Chesterfield Township Kmart store did not make the cut.

After disappointing holiday sales, Sears Holding announced Thursday the first list of Sears and Kmart stores set to close at an undetermined time. The longstanding on Gratiot in Chesterfield Township was among 79 stores on the list to close. On Tuesday, the retailer stated that 100 to 120 stores nationwide would shut their doors, but it did not say how many employees will lose their jobs in this cost-savings endeavor.

Locally, shoppers told Patch Thursday they have been increasingly disappointed in the Kmart near them. When asked on the New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch Facebook page whether they shopped there, readers were overwhelmingly in favor of other stores:

  • Anna Nichols Cook wrote, "I haven't shopped the Chesterfield Kmart in quite some time. It's kind of run down and creepy in there. I'd rather go to Target, Walmart, or the Meijer on 26 Mile."
  • Carrie Worthy Russell wrote, "Personally with 4 kids I avoid going there. The carts are all rusty. It will be a shame if that one closes and leaves yet another empty business."
  • Lora Aiuto Zelenak wrote, "Nope--would rather shop at Target. Kmart hasn't had such great prices in a long time & was kinda surprised this store didn't close with the last round of closings for Kmart. That shopping center does not seem to have much luck in general--seems so many businesses have tried there just to close. Very sad.... I would be surprised if the Lakeside Sears closes, thou. Haven't shopped there in a while either, but it would be strange to see that big of a store empty at the mall."
  • Patti Krusell Denomme wrote, "stopped shopping there a few years ago due to lack of inventory and poor management/customer service. tried again before Christmas and remembered why I stopped. Still poor management, run down, dingy, low inventory on sale items and low level of professionalism. I'm done for good now."

Tell us what you think about the store closing news in the comments section.

Denise Calvert December 30, 2011 at 05:57 PM
Whenever I go into the Chesterfield Kmart it does not have what I want!
jill December 30, 2011 at 07:45 PM
I think that whether you shop there or not you need to be concerned about the employees there. As far as the karts go if you would have given the store another chance you would have seen that they were trying to improve everything about it starting with brand new carts. I've been in there when customers are complaining and the managers have bowed down to them and given them whatever they wanted. Maybe if they didnt have the rude customers who tried to get everything for free then maybe they could spend the extra money on fixing things. The people in there are so nice and i really do feel bad for them. They don't deserve to get left in the dust or have thier feelings hurt by these rude comments. If you havent been there recently then you dont know what your talking about. Good luck to all those employees and i hope that karma treats them so much better then it will treat those who are negative
N Kortas December 31, 2011 at 02:39 PM
My comment has nothing to do with employees. This store needed to be cleaned and the prices made affordable compared to Meijer or Target.


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