Letter to the Editor: It's Time to Demand Bipartisan Action in Congress

Macomb resident Connie Cuellar says constituents cannot allow their re-elected Congressional representatives to think they approve of their partisan obstructionism over the past four years.

To the Editor, 

The morning after the election came as an aftermath of political division; a hurricane of political infighting and obstructionism; of ideology over progress. We as a nation have cast our votes, our president is firmly in place for four more years, and we have a new Congress to lead us into the next phase of policy and practice. Let the election outcome not serve as a message to Candice Miller that Michigan approved of her partisan obstructionism in Congress of the last four years. Nor let it serve as a green light for future obstruction. Let’s call upon Rep. Miller to reach across the aisle and work hand in hand with her colleagues in Congress create real solutions to the problems facing our beloved nation and state. 

It’s a new beginning; a new chance to make real progress toward creating the environment in which businesses thrive and in which unemployment reaches all-time lows. Congress can accomplish this by putting more money in the middle-class pocket. The middle class drives the economy. They make the vast majority of purchases, which in turn creates demand, which creates job opportunity. The old trickle-down method has failed time and again. It’s time to embrace the reality of a thriving middle class’s buying power. It’s time to embrace education to ensure America stays a force to be reckoned with; that we can remain competitive; in which we remain the creative force in new innovations in technology, science, and medicine. We can no longer afford to put our children on the back burner or cut costs in education.

With 1,700 new billionaires created in America in recent years, according to the US Dept. of Treasury, and their $5 trillion combined net worth, it’s time to demand that those who “have” pay more than those who “have not.” There is no need to make deep cuts in vital programs when millionaires and billionaires thrive with money invested offshore rather than putting the money back into our economy. America made them wealthy. It’s time they return the favor. 

It’s time to embrace clean energy, not just for “job creation,” but for the reality that global warning must be stopped; that clean air and water are necessities for life on earth; that we have a duty as custodians of our planet to maintain an environment which can sustain the 7 billion people living upon it without destroying it. In the next four years, we must not sit idly by and allow our representatives in Congress to sit on their hands for party obstructionism. We must be vocal and demand they do their jobs. And let them know we are watching them. Get the job done. This means Candice Miller, too. 


Connie Cuellar, Macomb

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Aaron Tuckfield November 08, 2012 at 01:00 PM
Connie, Your letter demands progress over ideology, of reaching across the aisle. Of Congress people doing their jobs. And yet, you demand an ideological solution to our problems that is extreme left wing! How is it that ONLY the right should compromise? I think, as do many right wingers do, that deciding someone has "enough" money and should be made to pay back to society is insulting and frankly, a rather dangerous notion. At the point that I think that it is dangerous, damaging to the economy and un-American, why should I or any other right-winger compromise on this?
Charles Sroka November 09, 2012 at 01:14 AM
Connie, Congresswoman Miller was elected to Congress because of her ideology. It is my hope that she stands up for her beliefs. Compromise can only be achieved if both sides give something. Congresswoman Miller was elected to do a job. The President was elected to do a job. The constitution says both sides need each other, not that one side is more important than the other. Compromise wil be reached when all sides begin to work together.
Michael November 15, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Connie, the money I send to congress is money I earned. I work hard & earned a college degree and support my family. As I watched the conventions this summer, I noticed one grave distinction. At one, a message of self-reliance. The other, I heard the rich aren't paying there fair share & congress will make them pay more. I heard that if you don't work, don't worry the government will provide. In the past 4 years we went from getting things done to letting others do it. The middle class is a big driver but that doesn't occur because congress taxes "the rich" more. No, it's a driver because they work hard & spend their earnings. The rich pay a huge amount of tax dollars. The top 10% pay more than 70% of the federal taxes so why are we told otherwise? Let's teach hard work is how you thrive and that it should be taught as a standard to which we aspire! Look at Detroit, Washington DC, NYC, & California? What do they have in common? Contrast this with states such as Wisconsin or Ohio. They adopted policies of low taxes & spending restraint & have balanced budgets & surpluses. This is no accident! American creativity & capitalism drive our great nation. You never hear working hard will get you ahead! The past 4 years our country went from respecting hard work & achievement to mediocrity & worse. Envying those who have achieved does not breed success. I'm happy there are representatives that keep this in mind & ensure checks on this government's reckless appetite for spending.


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