What Readers Are Saying About Safety at Anchor Bay Schools

New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch readers share their thoughts on the site.

In light of the recent school shooting in Connecticut, New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch readers shared their thoughts on security in Anchor Bay Schools.

ABS Superintendent Leonard Woodside issued a statement regarding the district’s security measures on Monday.

Readers commented on the site to share their opinions on safety procedures in the school district.

Among the comments:

  • I am crying foul: Interesting. I have two children in Anchor Bay Schools. One in 8th and one in 4th. Neither can recall any lockdown drills. Both have been in the district since preschool. Don't think they would forget a drill like that. Neither can recall a recent Tornado drill either. Maybe they are forgetting? Also-entering the school is through one set of doors as stated. Once in the office, one can simply pass through the office, and on into the school. IF one desired to do no good, giving ID would be the last thing to be worried about. And would one of the office staff ladies stop this person? Or just be the first victim? Procedures are not solid enough in my kids schools. Hire a professional Woodside, this is not your area of expertise.
  • Chantel Negoshian: I'm so glad Mr Woodside took till Monday to say something. And in an interview no less. Had i not been subscribed to Patch, I would have bever known. No letters have come home to parents explaining procedures, or how they were going to discuss this in a age appropriate manner with the kids. And the office staff was less than helpful when called to ask them how the procedures would be in light of Fridays events. I'm not terribly confident with the solidity of the 'plan' because my 11 yr old can't remember a tornado or lockdown drill since EARLY last spring. Call me crazy, but I'm going to believe a 6th grader over someone who is a little late to the dance in the aspect of calming the parents concerns. Take a note from Chippewa Valleys book- get a ABSD FB page at VERY LEAST and keep the parents informed via there, email or actual letter being sent home. Something. Anything. These are our children, and your enthusiasm about their safety seems a little less than adequate. As 'Crying Foul' above stated, 'hire a professional'.
  • PJ: My daughter is in 5th grade in AB schools and they did, in fact, just have a lockdown drill days before the incident. We also received a letter home from the Principal, and the classes were read a statement. The children were comforted and offered to talk to the Principal or teachers if they needed to. I think it was handled appropriately and thank the school and the district for their response.
  • SW: No communication from ABSD. My kids are at Lighthouse and there has been NO COMMUNICATION. As Chantel said Woodside is a little late! Glad I subscribe to Patch to find out what's going on in ABSD.
  • JKB MOM: I'm utterly disgusted in the way the district as a whole has reacted to the Sandy Hook tragedy. We have received NOTHING from anyone in the district, no letters, no emails, it's like it never happened. Our schools have to know that it was weighing heavy on the minds of EVERY parent or caregiver as we sent our children off to school yesterday morning. It is in total disreagurd for the well being and peace of mind of the parents that send their children to Anchor Bay Schools to NOT address the situation. More then ever right now, today, I want to know the schools protocol if and hopefully NEVER something like this ever happens in my childs school. What is the plan of action? Is there one in place? If so, what is it? Do they plan on re-vising any plans of action? If so, when? Sad that we even have to talk and worry about this but this is our world today, these are our children and we must demand that our schools respond appropriately. Not sure where to start but I will be making some phone calls today.
  • Nikki D: My daughter goes to MacDonald and while they do have the doors there, niether I or her Aunt have ever been asked for ID when picking her up or taking her to her classroom. I also think the communication has to be better than just on the website as not everyone has computer access.

During a recent Anchor Bay Board of Education meeting, officials said they stepped up security this week in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Jason December 22, 2012 at 11:08 PM
It would be nice to see additional security measures taken. I would like to see police officer or ARMED and TRAINED security guards, teachers, staff, ect... Just saying "we reviewed our security policy" is lackluster and not a proactive approach to ensuring our childrens safety. Something more must be done.
Thomas C. Pilarowski December 23, 2012 at 01:15 AM
NEVER "enough" Security.....
Julie Russell December 23, 2012 at 02:51 AM
my daughter atteneds the high school. There were various letters emailed out to parents. I have alot of trust in the school. There were threats made at the school and the police were called in immediately. They did random locker and car searches. They patrolled the halways. I am very impressed with the way the school handles the situation and I had little issues with sending my daughter to school on Friday when the threats were made because I know that the school was doing what they needed to do to my child safe. In regards to all of the negative feedback in these comment fields, I must say that my daughter HAS experienced several lockdown drills sao for all of these parents that say that the kids never went through one, I find it very hard to believe.


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