Bullet in Chesterfield House Shooting Likely Originated Near Makeshift Target Practice

Township police recovered several bullet casings off 25 Mile west of Interstate 94.

A single likely originated near a makeshift target practice on state game land, according to police.

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on Walnut south of 24 Mile led to evidence off 25 Mile west of Interstate 94, township Detective Sgt. Deron Myers told Patch.

"We recovered rifle casings and handgun casings" near a wooden shooting target, Myers said.

"There's no indication that they were the target of any kind of assault," he said of the family on Walnut.

No one was injured in the shooting. The bullet lodged in a wall.

Police took the casings into custody to possibly help with their investigation of the house shooting.

"It might help the investigation down the road to determine what caliber gun was used," Myers said.

While it is legal for registered carriers to shoot guns on state game land, the person whose bullet hit the house could face charges.

"You can't recklessly discharge a firearm anywhere," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 586-949-2322.


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