Chesterfield Police Arrest Burglar in Salt River Meadows Break-ins

Police say Dennis Doan, a resident of the Salt River Meadows subdivision, has been burglarizing his neighbors' homes since September.

Chesterfield Township police have arrested a 30-year-old Chesterfield Township man they say has been burglarizing his neighbors' homes since September.

Dennis Doan, a resident on Zachary Drive, was arrested Oct. 26 and arraigned Oct. 29 in 42-2 District Court in New Baltimore on the following counts:

  • Two counts of home invasion in the first degree, both 20-year felonies;
  • One count of home invasion in the second degree, a 15-year felony;
  • One count of uttering and publishing, a 14-year felony;
  • One count of possession of a stolen credit card, a four-year felony;
  • and one count receiving and concealing a stolen firearm, a 10-year felony

Police say residents in the Salt River Meadows subdivision, specifically those living on on Zachary and Tom Drive, began reporting sporadic break-ins to their homes and garages in September.

On Friday, Oct. 26, detectives investigating the burglaries were presenting a photo line-up containing Dennis Doan to a witness in the crimes when officers were called to a burglar alarm on Zachary, according to police.

As patrol officers and detectives were responding to the Zachary alarm, a homeowner on Tom Drive called 911 to report that she had just heard someone walking through her kitchen. She told police she believed she scared them off by yelling to them from her bedroom.

Officers began canvassing the subdivision and made contact with Doan, who lives next door to the home where the burglar alarm went off. Police arrested Doan at his home for one of the prior burglaries in the subdivision and during a search of his wallet, located a credit card that belonged to his next door neighbor, according to police.

Doan later told police that he was responsible for several burglaries in the neighborhood, which included homes on both sides of his home. He also admitted that he had been in the home on Tom Drive prior to police arrival and had left when he heard the homeowner yell.

Police say Doan also admitted to substance abuse, specifically heroin.

He is currently being held in the Macomb County Jail on a $30,000 cash bond.

Joseph Losier October 30, 2012 at 09:35 PM
The guy that you stole from five times befriended you took you to the Lions game and you made him a victim as he was fighting a divorce and diababatic son you made him your victim...you POS!!! You watch our houses while we worked as you sat at home at your parents house and scored money for Herion.
Christopher Doan November 01, 2012 at 06:17 PM
\Dennis really is a good guy and would never do anything like this if it wasnt for heroin. he loved talking to mike and he considered him one of his best friends.. yes this is horrible and he has had a pretty rough llife.... im not gonna sit here and make excuses for him because what he did was wrong!!! i just hope people in our neighborhood don't look at my parents and I like we had something to do with this because we didn't have any idea he was doing this too any of you and i wish i could make it up but he needs help! and now he will get it .. again from me and my family to all of yours we are so very sorry :(((
Christopher Doan February 28, 2013 at 05:57 AM
HA.. my brother never entered anyones home with a weapon.. home invasions are dropppped... yes he left with one and pawned it but he has served his time and will be getting out soooon... nextime someone decides to plant his face all over the news just make sure ur family is PERFECT!!!!!! this is gonna be a long road to recovery but he can do this he has his family for SUPPORT...


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