'Defeated, Worn Out' Suspect Placed on $2 Million Bond Following Chesterfield Township Manhunt

Jonathan Elbers, 23, was arraigned Monday in 42-2 District Court in New Baltimore via video from Macomb County Jail.

Kidnapping suspect turned fugitive Jonathan Elbers was placed on a $2 million bond during his arraignment Monday, New Baltimore district court officials said.

Elbers, 23 of Tuscola County, was formally charged in 42-2 District Court via video from Macomb County Jail.

A $2 million cash/surety bond was set for charges pertaining to his attempted kidnapping-and-murder plot of an ex-girlfriend early Friday morning. A $100,000 bond was also set for a recently added charge of first-degree home invasion. That charge pertains to when he allegedly broke into a township home twice during a three-day manhunt in Chesterfield Township, police and court officials said.

A preliminary exam is scheduled for April 15 before 42-2 District Court Judge William Hackel III.

Details emerge from time on run

On Monday, more details surfaced about Elbers' actions during an extensive search for his whereabouts.

Bloody from a head wound from his would-be kidnapping victim, Elbers hunkered down in the woods in the dark hours after the 1 a.m. Friday attack in Chesterfield Township, police said Monday about his time on the run.

When the sun rose, Elbers was cold and desperate for a place to restore energy, get warm and clean himself. Covered in blood, he seeks refuge by breaking into a house on 25 Mile near Interstate 94, where he regroups, changes clothes and puts on a baseball cap to cover the wound, Detective Sgt. Deron Myers said.

The homeowner was on vacation during the break-in.

Elbers then started walking in the New Haven Road area Friday afternoon--where he was spotted by a passersby before an extensive chase ensued. He then likely returned to the house to continue eluding police that night, police said.

Another sighting and chase followed Saturday night, as well as the homeowner's return and report of the break-in. Elbers was found Sunday afternoon inside a deer blind in woods by the house. He complied with an officer's demands and expressed a desire to give up the chase.

"He was defeated. He was worn out. It just kept coming down to an endurance competition," Myers said. "He kept running and we kept chasing him and finally we just wore him down.”

No known history of violence

Elbers did not have a violent criminal history before the alleged attack in Chesterfield Township. His encounters with the law were related to alcohol and marijuana possession, Myers said.

He has been charged of intent to murder; first-degree home invasion, unlawful imprisonment, and assaulting an officer causing injury, as well as the recently added first-degree home invasion charge. He could face up to life in prison upon conviction of the charges.

Since his arrest, he has been complying with the investigation, police said.

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John April 08, 2013 at 10:25 PM
great job being an armchair quarterback. Bet you could have done better, right? you couldn't make it one day in the life of a police officer.
The Axe man April 08, 2013 at 10:29 PM
You are right John I couldn't. That's why I went to medical school.
cyberrick April 09, 2013 at 06:18 PM
The Chesterfield Police do a great job in the community dispite the citizens failure to back them on a millage increase last year. This is not Detroit thank god. Fortunately for us we do not have the volume of violent crime that the Detroit Police are exposed to on a daily basis. So yes the Chesterfield Police Department are not as well equipped to handle violent felons simply because they don't see as many. Simply being able to control your breathing and heartbeat during volitale situations is something that cannot be taught in the acadamy. It only comes from experience and I am not so certain I want our Police to be all that experienced with handling violent felons, and potential killers, as obviously we would all have to live thru the training curve.
Tom L April 09, 2013 at 06:33 PM
Good to see this is all over and nobody got hurt. Good job to all those involved in the apprehension. It is very difficult to track someone, so I would not Monday morning quarterback. It still amazes me the thought process of some people. Also more baffling from the "educated."
anna nomis April 23, 2013 at 04:38 PM
I have to add one thing...I am a friend of the victims mother and I live in New York City, I had no knowledge of this story until I came upon my friends Facebook post. - I live in a place where if you call 9/11 from oh say the South Bronx- u will wait forever for the police- if u call from the Upper East Side of Manhattan- u will not wait more than 5 minutes. There is a bias when it comes to police- that is just the facts. I need to say IMO a lot of praise & gratitude go to the young man the victim was Skyping with.He was smart enough to call the parents who were smart enough to call the cops. IF NOT FOR THAT SKYPE...so for me yes thank god the cops got there in time-BUT TRUTH be told- the guy DID GET BY THE POLICE! that's absurd. He had practically been given over to the police by all the quick thinking people in this story- from the victim hitting him in the head- awesome!-to the young man calling the parents to them calling the police- they get there and HE STILL RUNS BY THEM??? AND THAN THERE IS A MANHUNT FOR HIM A COUPLE OF DAYS??? Im sorry but that is NOT an adequate response from the police. It seems almost comical in a very serious matter. I SAY PROPS TO ALL THE PLAYERS..sans the police. tho thank god they finally got him. (he was tired!) ALL MY PRAYERS & GOOD THOUGHTS ARE WITH THIS FAMILY...


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