Auditors: Chesterfield Police Fund Will be Depleted

The township overall was given an "unqualified audit opinion" during the annual review, but the police fund will run dry in 4-5 years if nothing changes.

Chesterfield Township's police fund will be depleted in four to five years unless changes are made, auditors reported Monday to the township board.

During the 2011 financial audit by Plante and Moran, auditors told the township that the overall community received an "unqualified audit opinion"--essentially the gold star rating--for sound financial management.

However, the police department suffered an $870,000 operating loss because of an 18 percent decline in property values, according to Pamela Hill of Plante and Moran.

"You have been able to decrease expenses and still maintain serves your residents have come to expect," Hill said.

But she told officials they would either need to increase revenue or reduce expenses in the near future to avoid fund depletion. She also encouraged them to look at longterm planning for the department.

Last summer, Chesterfield Financial Director Victoria Bauer told the board that the was about $7.4 million and 91 percent of that money came from tax collections.

Chesterfield designates detective to COMET

Meanwhile, the board approved the police department's request to add a detective to the County of Macomb Enforcement Team, also known as COMET, for two years. During that time, the state will pay the township $100,000 for having that person on the task force.

Although it will still cost about $105,000 for the township to a pay the detective's salary and benefits annually, Chief Bruce Smith says participating in the multijurisdictional team is worth it. Smith noted that COMET is available to assist in township criminal cases. He pointed out that it helped track down fugitive Roland Lee Moore Jr., who was wanted for , and assisted in the .

Smith said a township officer has participated in COMET three of his six years as chief.

Dave June 20, 2012 at 07:30 PM
I might suggest the same thing. Stop wasting your time and money on catching misdemeanor possession violators and go after the 4 people who killed my father!! I'm tired of you not reporting real crimes and bragging about all the tiny busts you make. It'd be nice if you officers could actually start doing some real police work instead of looking for how to make money off of arresting people.
Sharron June 21, 2012 at 06:49 PM
I think we are fortunate to have the services we have ,and love living in our community, I'd hate to se any services cut. The police and fireman are valued in my eyes and I appreciate all they do!
Dave June 22, 2012 at 09:04 AM
Yeah. but you don't actually see the services being cut Sharron.. they just don't report crimes and without reports it appears as if there less crime. I'm sure there's a financial reason why they don't report felonies in chesterfield township.. one is probably just the time it saves them from writing and filing the reports themselves. Then since they don't report the crimes it saves the officers from being called into court to testify. It's gotta save alot of money by not reporting crimes in this city.. but is that what they are hired to do.. make money? Or are they supposed to be protecting and serving? I value both the firemen and police here.. but only the honest ones.. and the police are corrupted..
Lilly June 22, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Yah they thrive on bustin kids or people with weed ..what a joke. I pray that they find your Dad's murderer. And I pray for you..how terrible.
Deborah June 22, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Pretty soon all local police departments in Macomb County will be patrolled by the Macomb County Sheriff Department for just this reason. Mt. Clemens did this not too long ago. With all the foreclosure of homes and less tax revenue, the remaining residents of Chesterfield should not have to have their taxes increased to make up the difference. Disbanding the Chesterfield police department would be a good thing. Eventually all cities and townships in Macomb County will be joining forces for just this reason. Sure, more sheriffs will need to be hired for the extra coverage, but in the long run it will save tax dollars because all cities in Macomb County will be contributing and a "Macomb County Fire Department" is right behind ...


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