Uglis Says Recount Will Bring Peace of Mind in Close Clerk's Race

Jan Uglis spoke of her decision to request a recount in the tight race against challenger Cindy Berry at the Chesterfield Township Board of Trustees meeting.

Departing Chesterfield Township Clerk Jan Uglis' decision to request a recount will bring peace of mind, she said Monday night.

"If I did not do it, I would be wondering and it would be bothering me," she told Patch before the Board of Trustees meeting in Municipal Offices.

While she praised her election staff, she said there were some tabulation problems at certain precincts that could mean the 43-vote loss to Cindy Berry was an error.

"I would never ever question my election workers because it was a long night, but again, we had some issues," Uglis said.

On Friday, she wrote a $400 check to the township for the recount request. She said much of that money came from donations from supporters. Deputy Clerk Eric Wurmlinger said Monday it would cost the township at least $3,000 for the county to perform the recount that's expected to be finished in early December.

When asked about the cost for the township, Uglis said, "It's my right as a taxpayer and it's my right as a candidate to request a recount."

She also added that she ran a clean campaign and was surprised the race was so close, especially after she has served the township in various capacities for many years.

"It didn't make sense to me," she said.

Tuesday afternoon, said she respected Uglis' right to the recount, but says she's confident the results are accurate.

"As far as recounts are concerned, it may as well be a landslide," she said, adding an error that would change the outcome is "virtually impossible."

Uglis, who became choked up, told the board during the Monday night meeting that perhaps her calling is to care for her elderly mother.

"God's gonna put me where I need to be," she said.

Chesterfield Township Supervisor Michael Lovelock said her knowledge would be remembered after she leaves office.

"I can say, me and Jan, we're like brothers and sisters," Lovelock said. "We fought a lot but, in the end, we did what was right for the community."

For more board meeting coverage, check back with Patch.


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