Meet Chesterfield Township Trustee Candidate Brian Scott DeMuynck

Learn about the people vying for public office in Chesterfield Township in this series of candidate profiles before the Aug. 7 primary election.

New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch is profiling candidates for Chesterfield Township's elected positions. Learn about them here in a series of profiles.

Name: Brian Scott DeMuynck

Age: 53

Political party: Republican

Years lived in Chesterfield: 53 years

Occupation: Police Lab Tech/Sterling Hgts PD- Retired Macomb County Sheriff's Department, 25 years

What position are you running for: Trustee

How many terms have you served? Two

What are your biggest accomplishments while serving on the board? Universal Waste Hauler contracts, Waterside Market Place Development/ Reduced spending a more streamlined government. CAD and RMS systems at .

If reelected, what specifically would you like to see done during your term? I would like to see the bike path continued on Jefferson and to get paved. Also due to decreased revenues, looking at ways to save money within some township departments.

What do you think the community's biggest challenges are and how can the community overcome them? Our biggest challenge is the upcoming . It will be up to the residents to tell the elected officals on how they want us to proceed with the departments. The funding is not there and the millage request will keep the manpower and services at its current levels.

How would you propose making the police and fire funds financially stable? We have made dramatic cuts already and have keep services the same.

Describe yourself: Lifelong township resident who cares about the community and listens to the residents about their concerns and thoughts.

What are your hobbies/causes you're passionate about? Lighthouse photography and boating are my hobbies.

What’s one fact about you that would surprise people? That I really care about what happens to our community. I was born and raised here and plan on staying here. My family has been here and been part of the community for over 75 years.



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