Meet Chesterfield Township Trustee Candidate Cyndi Gagleard

Learn about the people vying for public office in Chesterfield Township in this series of candidate profiles before the Aug. 7 primary election.

New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch is profiling candidates for Chesterfield Township's elected positions. Learn about them here in a series of profiles.
Name: Cyndi Gagleard

Age: 49

Political party: Republican

Years lived in Chesterfield: 16

Occupation: Owner of CC's Pet Care & Training, Chesterfield Township

What position are you running for: Chesterfield Township Trustee

If elected for the first time, what specifically would you like to see done during your term? I would like to remove the 1% fee the township board voted on. Keeping the Chesterfield Township Police and Fire Departments. To make Chesterfield Township more appealing for businesses and people to want move here. Putting some restrictions on when fireworks can be shot off.

What do you think the community's biggest challenges are and how can the community overcome them? Lose of revenue from property taxes is Chesterfield Township’s biggest challenge. We need to people want to move and live in our township and buy homes. We need to have new businesses move to Chesterfield.

How would you propose making the police and fire funds financially stable? The residents of Chesterfield Township feel safe. There is a quick response time for emergencies. The Chesterfield Township Police and Fire Departments have made cuts to their budgets. I oppose to disbanding our Police Department and outsourcing it to the Macomb County Sheriff. The problem is the township is not bringing in enough revenue from taxes. We could research what Clinton Township and New Baltimore has done to keep their Police Departments keep costs down. I do not want to see our police officers and fire fighters lose their jobs.

How would you make changes, if any, to community services? I would like to see more activities for the Parks and Rec. A dog park for the township residents or even allowing dogs into some of the township parks.

Describe yourself: I am a conservative Christian. I am down to earth, honest and reliable. I believe in upholding the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I am Pro-Life, First and Second Amendment supporter. I support the Chesterfield Township Police & Fire Departments. I want to make a difference in Chesterfield Township.

What are your hobbies/causes you're passionate about? Since 2004, I have been a Pet Therapy Volunteer.  I have volunteered with my registered therapy dogs at:

Chesterfield Township Library, 06/2012 - Present and 05/2004 - 10/2010

Harbor Oaks Hospital, 02/2009 - Present

Henry Ford Macomb Hospital - Mount Clemens, 4/2012 - Present

Henry Ford Macomb Hospital - Clinton Township, 04/2004 - 08/2010

What’s one fact about you that would surprise people? I believe in respecting, being considerate and to be kind to people.

Additional information: For more information, check out my website CyndiG4Trustee.com.


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