New Baltimore to Fill Vacant Council Seat

The city will accept submissions from applicants for the seat Zack Stanton vacated.

City Council hopefuls have a shot at an open seat.

New Baltimore officials decided Monday night to accept letters from residents who wish to serve on council. The move comes on the heels of .

Councilwoman Florence Hayman motioned at the regularly scheduled meeting to post the opening on the city website. Hayman requested for applicants to submit letters of intent via email to at Municipal Offices to Clerk Marcia Shinska.

The applicants will have until Thursday, Sept. 20 to turn in their submissions to Shinska who then will give the information to council the next day. The council is scheduled to select a new council member at the next meeting on Sept. 24.

KM September 11, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Don't bother it's been decided. I've heard this from more than several people. Council is just going through the motions so they "look" like they are offering this up fair and square. In reality if they really wanted to do this the correct way they would go to the candidate who had the next highest vote total. It's so discouraging when the ink isn't even dry on the resignation letter of Stanton and already the person to assume the position has been named....once again another example of how incestuous our city council is....another one of the New Baltimore families....
Carol Anne September 12, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Really? Already they have a "chosen one" waiting in the wings, do tell who could it possibly be? mmmm


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