North Gratiot Cruise Rolls on Without Chesterfield Township Sponsorship

Chesterfield Township Supervisor Michael Lovelock withdrew community sponsorship due to liability concerns. The cruise is slated to take place again this year.

The North Gratiot Cruise is driving forward without Chesterfield Township's sponsorship or name affiliation.

Supervisor Michael Lovelock recommended Tuesday night that the township discontinue sponsorship of the popular cruise.

"If we don't sponsor it, we don't have any liability for this cruise," Lovelock told the Board of Trustees. "That's why I'm recommending we take our name off it."

The board majority, however, approved the cruise for 2013 and authorized township departments to invoice the cruise committee for any costs associated with the event, such as extra police presence.

Cruise spokesman John Johnson said the township's move not to associate its name or sponsor it will not prevent the event from taking place.

"As long as we can still have our cruise, we're fine with that," Johnson said. "We think the cruise is going to continue to grow this year."

Additionally, he noted that since the last K-9 dog retired at the end of 2012, the money previously raised for the K-9 unit would be earmarked for unspecific police department needs.

"We designated that we would continue to designate our fund to the police department for projects that they see fit," he said.

Former Trustee Michele Ficht noted that the township never was an official sponsor for the cruise last year.

"As I recall, we never did a sponsorship. We approved and supported the cruise," Ficht said.

The Tuesday vote would mean the township would allow the cruise to function separately from the community and would not have Chesterfield Township in its title, Lovelock said.

Concerned Citizen January 24, 2013 at 07:02 PM
They supported the cruise and no board has ever sponsored it in the other years that they had it. The businesses run it and benefit from it. Businesses ARE coming to Chesterfield. Bob must be a friend of the two that voted against it. Some people are never happy.
Jan Uglis January 25, 2013 at 05:01 AM
As a member of the North Gratiot Cruise Board of Directors, Concerned Citizen is correct in stating that the Township Board never sponsored the cruise. They recognized the organization and supported what it stood for. We are hoping that the North Gratiot Cruise will have more to offer and that more businesses will become involved. We want to showcase our township and our great business community.
Shawn January 25, 2013 at 02:30 PM
So let me get this straight. Chesterfield Township never sponsored the cruise yet the township board voted on NOT sponsoring it any longer due to liability. Even to top this off was that the money raised was generously being donated to help bring back the K9 for the police. Low and behold no chance of that, just as expected, as the $7,500.00 raised by NGCF will now disappear and to be spent by whomever sees fit. I would hope that the organizers would find a better beneficiary for the monies raised.
Concerned Citizen January 25, 2013 at 08:46 PM
Not true. The money is in escrow and the NGCF said that they would donate it to the police department to purchase necessary items so it is still going to be donated to the police department, just not for the K-9 Unit that no longer exists at this time.
Shawn January 27, 2013 at 01:52 PM
I understand that the pd gets the funds but my point was that the funds can be spent on anything that the heads of the department sees fit. If the public was donating towards the hope of keeping or reinstating the K9 unit, as advertised, that should be where the line gets drawn. Since the amount being donated is $7,500.00 my suggestion would be hold an "Open House" in which the chief publicly stated that would be the cost to hold such an event. I know.....I don't get it neither but at least the public's money would be used on the public's interest and not on someone's wishlist.


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