Schools to Levy Taxes on Summer Bills, Chesterfield PD to Replace Patrol Cars

Chesterfield Township Board of Trustees voted Tuesday night to collect taxes for school districts on the 2012 summer tax bill and allow the police department to purchase three new patrol vehicles.

Chesterfield Township Board members voted Tuesday to allow the township to collect taxes for area school districts on the 2012 summer tax bill.

The board approved requests from Macomb Community College and Macomb Intermediate, L’Anse Creuse and Anchor Bay school districts.

Millage rates have not yet been officially established, but Chesterfield Township Deputy Treasurer Ellen Clark said they will likely be the same as what residents saw on last year’s tax bill.

Chesterfield Deputy Clerk Eric Wurmlinger said, “The schools can either collect all of their taxes at one time or in both the winter and summer."

The township will collect 100 percent of the 2012 summer tax levy for Macomb Community College, Macomb Intermediate School District and L’Anse Creuse Public Schools. The township collects half of Anchor Bay’s tax levy in the summer and half in the winter.

A request from New Haven Public School District was denied because the district failed to provide enough information for the board to make a decision, Wurmlinger said Wednesday. That request will be considered when more information is provided to township officials, he said.

Chesterfield Township residents can view their tax bills and other tax information by clicking “online tax information” in the assessing section of the township’s website.

Police to replace patrol cars

will replace three patrol vehicles by this summer. The township board approved the expense of approximately $78,000 for three new police cars.

“Every year (the police department) rotates out vehicles and replaces them with new ones,”  Wurmlinger said. “All of the vehicles are in excess of 80,000 miles. One has 120,000 miles and another has 145,000.”

The $78,411 that will be used to purchase the vehicles from the Macomb County bid package will come out of the township’s police fund, which comprises tax revenue and other sources of funding, such as grants.

Rob Montilla January 19, 2012 at 03:39 AM
What the article doesn't mention is that the Township can charge the school districts for the collection of the taxes if the taxes are collected during the summer. Across other municipalities, this is usually at least $2.50 per parcel (this is not a set fee but a general standard). If taxes are collected in winter, the state pays this fee. So what this means is that the already cash-strapped school districts are going to pay out of their funds for tax collection so they can get the money in the summer rather than the winter. A followup with the Chesterfield clerk to identify the charge per parcel and overall cost to the school districts would be in order. Keep this in mind the next time the school districts say they are running low on cash.


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