Township to Take $16,900 Look at Improving Water Pressure, Rates in Macomb

A recently approved study will explore the township's options to improve water distribution to higher elevation areas in Macomb Township.

Residents living in northwest Macomb Township have historically dealt with low water pressure in the summer. A study, approved by the Board of Trustees last week, will examine the best ways to improve water distribution to the areas of higher elevation. 

The elevation change from one end of the township to the other is approximately 40 feet. 

The study is expected to cost $16,900 and be completed by the end of January. Depending on the results, the township's options include constructing a water booster station, a storage reservoir, or a new connection with the Detroit Water and Sewer Department.

Township Engineer James Van Tiflin said that improving the problem will not only help with water pressure, it may also lower water and sewer rates. 

residents pay for water and sewer service. The new rate is $2.75 per unit (a unit is about 100 cubic feet or 750 gallons) for for water and $2.62 per unit for sewer. Previously, residents paid $2.51 for water and $2.32 for sewer. 

“We need to evaluate it (the pressure problem) so we can find out what exactly we can expect for a return on investment in regards to controlling the peak hours. I’m glad to see this go through,” said Clerk Michael Koehs. 

Supervisor Mark Grabow mentioned the safety issues associated with low water pressure. “When that water (pressure) starts to drop, we actually start to worry about our fire protection services in that area. I think it will be a good study and improve the operations and capabilities of the township,” he said. 

Jenny Whalen November 18, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Anyone out there live in northwest Macomb? How is your water pressure right now?
Frustrated Old Man November 19, 2012 at 01:19 PM
After how many years, we've finally decided to do something about this problem? Year after year, we've had a watering ban in the summer months. We've been told the price keeps going up to meet demand. Then after we reduced demand, we were told the cost went up because we're using much less than we have before! Well which is it? You can't have it both ways. The township has been well known for not meeting it's infrastructure demands. Not just water either. Electrical power was a really big problem in some areas not too long ago. Stop approving more strip malls, and start improving the infrastructure! Macomb Township has had very substantial cost increases in their water/sewage year after year. Where has all the money gone?
Frank Cusumano November 19, 2012 at 11:11 PM
85% of the money from the water and sewage bill goes to the City of Detroit. The remaining 15% is sucked up by the Township. Same water flow (or less), same meters, same employees, same everything, just more money because the Township pockets the 15% juice. That said, why is you water and sewage rates going up? Well, that is because you are using less. LACK OF CONSUMPTION is the most significant cost driver! I linked the DWSD brochure on my website: www.frankcusumano.com
Frustrated Old Man November 20, 2012 at 12:02 AM
If all that isn't bad enough, why does every one preach water conservation, when doing so cost more? It's not like Michigan has a water shortage. I also recall when Kwame Kilpatrick substantially increased our water bills to help pay for the new Motorola APCO-25 Digital Radio's, fo be used on MPSCS. I'm not sure why the Water Department even needed to be on that Public Safety system, as it's normally reserved for Police/Fire/EMS. But to make matters worse. The Water Department used very few radios. The bulk of them were sent to PD/Fire, and not funded by their budget. Instead they used the Water Department's un-managed funds to pay for them. These radios cost around $3,500.00 each! Once again, scamming water customers in the suburbs!


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