ABS 2011 MEAP Scores Above the Grade in Many Areas

The school district, which stretches into Chesterfield and New Baltimore, is on track with state averages in multiple subjects.

Anchor Bay School District students exceeded state averages in several categories of the 2011 MEAP test.

However, declines from previous years for districts across Michigan may be attributed to the .

In September 2011, the State Board of Education adopted new cut scores, or performance measures, for the MEAP test that would better reflect how well schools are preparing students for each grade level and whether all Michigan students are progressing at the rate necessary for them to be career- and college-ready by high school graduation.

These more rigorous cut scores were applied for the first time to the 2011 MEAP results released today, and for comparison.

Each fall, third- through eighth-grade students across the state are tested in five subject areas, and their performance defined as advanced, proficient, partially proficient, or not proficient. Students who achieve advanced, or proficient ratings “pass” the test.

On a state level, upwards of 60 percent of students in each tested grade achieved an advanced or proficient rating on the reading portion of the test, while less than 40 percent of students achieved proficiency in mathematics.

In science, tested in grades five and eight, the percentage of students proficient statewide was less than 20 percent and actually decreased from 2010 to 2011 in fifth grade.

Writing, tested in grades four and seven, also saw a decrease statewide, while social studies scores stayed fairly constant.

"We have a lot of room to grow, but this is a positive step," said state Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan, in a prepared statement. "I am very confident that we have professionals in our classrooms who will continue to step up to the challenge of preparing our students to achieve at higher levels."

2011 MEAP Results (Grade 3-9) Anchor Bay School District Grade 3 State ABS Math 36 35.3 Reading 62 72.8 Grade 4 State ABS Reading 68 78.2 Writing 45 59 Math 40 39 Grade 5 State ABS Reading 69 76.6 Math 40 39 Science 15 17.6 Grade 6 State ABS Reading 67 74 Math 37 43.4 Social Studies 28 30 Grade 7 State ABS Reading 60 67.1 Writing 47 53.5 Math 37 39.9 Grade 8 State ABS Reading 61 61.3 Math 29 23.7 Science 16 18.6 Grade 9 State ABS Social Studies 29 34.6

For information on L'Anse Creuse Public Schools and New Haven Community Schools, .


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