Anchor Bay, New Haven Schools Closed Monday Due to Icy Roads

The districts say there will be no school Monday, Feb. 11.

Anchor Bay Schools and New Haven Community Schools have called off classes Monday due to road conditions, the districts stated on their websites.

This is the fourth snow day for ABS and New Haven districts this school year. They closed Friday after a winter storm watch took effect and previously shut doors for two consecutive days in late January for weather-related reasons.

L'Anse Creuse Public Schools, which also stretches in Chesterfield Township, remained opened Monday.

News of the snow day for the other area districts prompted varied reactions from readers on New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch's Facebook page. When asked what they thought of another no-school day, some of the responses were: 

  • Barb Toward-Torina: I think the safety of the children should always come first!
  • Lisa Marie: Ridiculous.....it's 46 degrees outside at 7 AM. I am not opposed to closing school for weather but this is getting out of hand. What ever happened to late starts?
  • Beth Kohler: I think that I trust those "in charge" and if they don't think it is safe, then okay! We'll take another day off...no complaints here!!
  • Casey Deeb: It's ridiculous! Is the person calling school even looking outside?? How can you have ice with 43 degrees! Enough is enough with these ridiculous calling if snow days!
  • Josephine Plodzik: I know last night with the rain that the dirt road were beyond bad for driving on!

Tell us in the comments' section below what you think of school being called off Monday.


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