Kid Rock Responds to $2,500 Donation Made to Wyandotte Marching Chiefs

The Michigan musician said he likes helping "people already doing good things."

Famed Michigan rock star Kid Rock took to his own website Friday afternoon to talk about .

"I would really like to change the mission statement too 'Helping those who believe in hard work and the American Dream in there time of need,'" he said. "i wanna focus on helping people who are already trying to help themselves ... people already doing good things who may be struggling a bit."

The Roosevelt High School marching band was the sole band selected to perform along with Kid Rock during the Thanksgiving Day Detroit Lions halftime show. 

With the halftime show being a surprise development and with the school district only providing busing for select preplanned events, the band incurred $2,400 in transportation costs getting to and from rehearsals from an outside vendor, Trinity Transportation.

According to the letter from Kid Rock, he read about the band's financial hardship and wanted to help out.

"I read the article in the Wyandotte Patch on the extra expenses you incurred getting back and forth to Ford Field to practice for the Thanksgiving Day half time show," the letter reads. "I hope this covers your expenses. Thank you....you guys did a fantastic job!!!!"

Mark D’Angelo, Roosevelt’s instrumental music director, said he was shocked to receive the letter and the check. 

"In the week's prior to our performance, I was sharing with the band students some of the amazing things that I had learned about how Kid Rock ... gives back to his community and to Detroit," D'Angelo said. "The students and I never thought that we would be included in that list until we received his letter today."

To read Kid Rock's entire message about his donation to the Wyandotte marching band, check out his site. (Caution: The post contains some profanity.)

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Christine Orman November 30, 2012 at 09:43 PM
I've always loved Kid Rock and have high respect for him and his generosity ~ This is just awesome~ Way to go Wyandotte Marching Chiefs!


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