New Haven Community Schools Announces Kindergarten Changes for Fall

New Haven Community Schools will have kindergarten classes with full-time certified teachers next school year and has round-up this month.

New Haven Community Schools announced kindergarten changes Monday for the next school year.

The district, which stretches into Chesterfield Township, will move away from using paraprofessionals half of the day for full-day kindergarten. Instead, students will be with certified full-time teachers, according to the district.

“Each school year we are adding more opportunities for students and families,” superintendent Keith Wunderlich said in a prepared statement. “By changing our full-time kindergarten to include full-time certified teachers, it shows the community how we value education and their children.

"We’ve done a good job this year. Our kindergarten paraprofessionals are certified teachers, just paid at a lower paraprofessional rate. However, full-time certified kindergarten teachers in the same classroom full-time will add some continuity of instruction we lost this year," Wunderlich said.

The district only offers full-day kindergarten.

Kindergarten round-up

Kindergarten round-up is scheduled from:

  • 6-7:30 p.m. March 20 at the Endeavour Elementary Wing
  • 6-7:30 March 22 at New Haven Elementary.

Families who attend the sessions will learn about the programs, view classrooms, receive registration forms and have a chance to ask questions.

For more information, call the New Haven Administration Building at 586-749-5123.


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