VH1 'Saves the Music' in New Haven Schools With Purchase of Instruments

Endeavor Middle School band students received 36 new instruments this fall.

The music is alive and well at Endeavor Middle School this year thanks to a grant from cable music station VH1.

The station selected New Haven Community Schools for a “Save The Music” grant last year and the district was able to purchase 36 new instruments for its middle school band students.

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Like a scene out of The Music Man, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, flutes and trumpets were handed into the waiting hands of aspiring musicians this fall.

“New Haven expanded band and choir to the high school this year,” said Don Hibbert, band and choir teacher at both the middle school and high school, in a prepared statement. “Many of the instruments used last year at Endeavour were borrowed from the high school. Now, with both a middle school and high school band, we needed more instruments."

Anticipating an instrument shortage, New Haven applied for the VH1 grant two years ago. Hibbert met with a VH1 representative at Endeavour and provided a tour of the school's music facilities. This visit enabled New Haven to move to the next round in the grant selection process.

“We were successful and the instruments arrived just recently so we could prepare for the new school year,” Hibbert said, in a prepared statement.

Fran Bieth September 17, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Congratulations! Congratulations!!! How wonderful for your band and choir! New Haven is really making great impressions...and it made my own heart dance to see the faces on those middle schoolers!!!!


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