Macomb Community College Raises Tuition, Adds Technology and Facilities Fee

Tuition rates are scheduled to increase between $3 and $6 in 2013-14, with all students required to pay an additional $5 per credit hour technology and facilities fee.

Beginning in fall 2013, students attending Macomb Community College will pay approximately 3.5 percent more in tuition. 

The MCC board of trustees voted Jan. 15 to increase tuition rates in 2013-14 and assess an additional technology and facility fee to fund necessary upgrades to college infrastructure.

Resident students saw the smallest hike at only $3 more per credit hour, while out-of-state or foreign students will pay the most with a $6 increase. All students will be required to pay an additional $5 per credit hour technology and facilities fee on top of the new tuition rates.

Student Type Current 2013-14 Resident $86 $89 Non-resident $131 $136 Out of State/Foreign $170 $176 Affiliate $108 $112 Variable (Contract)  
$86 $89

"Our community relies on Macomb College as an indispensable resource providing accessible and affordable education and training opportunities critical to personal and community economic vitality," said Dr. Jim Jacobs, Macomb Community College president, in a statement. "We’re committed to a balanced fiscal approach to support strategic and systematic investment not only to preserve Macomb’s infrastructure and ability to deliver affordable, relevant education, but to retain our responsive posture in creating learning environments that support the emerging demands of New Economy careers."

But given the continued decline in property tax revenue, increase in mandated expenditures and failure of a November 2012 ballot proposal that would have funded upgrades to aging college facilities and technology, MCC officials say increasing tuition rates and fees was the only option.

"The board has carefully evaluated the steps taken by the college over the past several years to manage its increasingly compromised traditional revenue streams," said James F. Kelly, Macomb Community College Board of Trustees chair, in a statement.

"Taking into account the efficiencies already implemented, including staffing reductions, salary freezes and savings achieved through employee health care plan management, we recognized that Macomb would need to join the majority of community colleges in the region and throughout the state by implementing a fee to support necessary technology and facilities expenditures designed to support student success and meet community needs for meaningful educational opportunities."

How will these increases affect your plans to study at Macomb Community College?


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