Anti-Obama Stand Sets Up in Front of New Baltimore Post Office

LaRouche Pac literature advocating for the president's impeachment was on the table.

Representatives with the controversial LaRouche Political Action Committee manned an anti-Barack Obama stand Wednesday in front of the U.S. Post Office in New Baltimore.

The table on a concrete patch along 23 Mile was filled with literature calling for the president's impeachment. It drew gawkers because of large posters with a Hitler mustache drawn on Obama and a doctored photo of him in what is supposed to be terrorist attire brandishing a gun. 

A LaRouche representative at the table declined to give his name, citing policy with the organization, but said this is not the first time their agenda has been spread in New Baltimore. The last time the group set up in that location was about a month ago, he said.

Reactions to the posters and fliers have ranged from volatile to supportive, he says.

"They say, 'You don't know your history,'" he said of those offended. "Some people scream and swear."

He said he responds by telling them they're wrong and says that others have expressed gratitude with what he's doing.

New Baltimore police said the protesters are allowed to be there since they're not blocking the roadways and are on public sidewalks.

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