23 Mile Bridge Among 2013 Road Projects

Pack your patience on the roads this year by keeping these construction projects in mind.

It's a new year with new sets of orange barrels cropping up all over Macomb County. Here are the big road projects to keep in mind before you get behind the wheel:

2013 Macomb County projects

Project Limits Work Est. Start Est. Finish Total Cost Metro Parkway (EB) at Clinton River Spillway Bridge Rehabilitation July 2013 October 2013 $1,282,500 10 Mile Road Hayes to Groesbeck Rehabilitation May 2013 August 2013 $885,000 12 Mile Road Hoover to Schoenherr Rehabilitation June 2013 September 2013 $1,328,000 Auburn Road Dequindre to Ryan Reconstruction February 2013 July 2013 $2,720,000 Hayes Road 21 Mile to 23 Mile Widen to 5 Lanes June 2013 September 2013 $8,610,000 Metro Parkway Groesbeck to Gratiot Design 2013, Build 2015 September 2013 August 2014 $420,000 Mound Road 11 Mile to Hall Road Capital Preventative Maintenance May 2013 August 2013 $1,230,000 Van Dyke 25 Mile to 26 Mile Widen to 5 Lanes May 2013 October 2013 $4,500,000 Van Dyke 26 Mile to West Widen to 3 Lanes Jule 2013 October 2013 $1,596,000 New Haven Road Bridge Over Deer Creek Bridge Replacement August 2013 November 2013 $1,206,000 23 Mile Road Bridge Over North Branch Clinton River Bridge Replacement February 2013 August 2013 $4,053,000 Russ Road Over Field Drain Culvert Replacement June 2013 August 2013 $230,000 Hagen Road Bridge Over Deer Creek Bridge Replacement July 2013 October 2013 $688,500 Wolcott Road Over NB Clinton River Bridge Replacement July 2013 October 2013 $1,288,500 33 Mile Road Over Cemetery Creek Bridge Replacement April 2013 August 2013 $584,000 33 Mile Road Over Highbank Creek Bridge Replacement April 2013 August 2013 $453,000 24 Mile Road North Avenue to Fairchild Pave Gravel June 2013 July 2013 $3,830,000 22 Mile Fairchild Intersection Pave Gravel July 2013 September 2013 Part of above cost Fairchild 21 Mile to 22 Mile Pave Gravel July 2013 September 2013 Part of above cost Shelby-Utica Bike Path Riverbends Park Non-motorized path May 2013 September 2013 $1,742,323

Overall, the county is scheduled to tackle more than $38 million in road projects this year. The county is also planning annual maintenance projects across the county from May 2013 to September 2013.

kidcat24 March 11, 2013 at 12:27 PM
I see the Shelby/Utica bike path received money. Too bad Chesterfield's money to compete our bike path was lost some how.
suezie jones March 11, 2013 at 02:33 PM
I know that the bridge on 23 mile rd, needed to be fixed. What about widening 21 mile rd. where there are 4 schools. It is very dangerous everyday and just praying that no one else gets killed(already have lost many lives) in that area. And with 23 mile rd. closed for the bridge work,it's even worse than ever everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!


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