Meet Chesterfield Township Trustee Candidate Henry (Hank) Anderson

Learn about the people vying for public office in Chesterfield Township in this series of candidate profiles before the Aug. 7 primary election.

New Baltimore-Chesterfield Patch is profiling candidates for Chesterfield Township's elected positions. Learn about them here in a series of profiles.

Name: Henry (Hank) A. Anderson

Age: 65

Political party: Republican

Years lived in Chesterfield: 24

Occupation: Currently, Administrator with the Anchor Bay School District, Retired Detroit Police Officer.

What position are you running for? Chesterfield Township Trustee

If elected for the first time, what specifically would you like to see done during your term?

Under the current economic climate, the last thing that our residents need is higher taxes. Township government must tighten its fiscal belt and learn how to function on less. This means a zero-growth budget and cutbacks where and when appropriate. As township trustee, I will apply these principles, make the necessary tough decisions and guard against the squandering of taxpayer dollars.

What do you think the community's biggest challenges are and how can the community overcome them?

Maintaining adequate levels of public safety and other services to our residents that are rendered by Township government. The challenge is to ensure their continuance under current budget constraints.

How would you propose making the police and fire funds financially stable?

Reintroduce the Police and Fire Advisory Board to review public safety expenditures. This entity, composed of township citizens, would review proposed expenditures and advise the township board if such request are reasonable or excessive. Consider a shared emergency dispatching center with other communities to reduce the Township’s total costs in that area. New hires could be cross-trained in both Police and Fire procedures as one way of addressing future public safety manpower shortages.

How would you make changes, if any, to community services?

No changes. It is anticipated that department heads will continue to employ good judgment and foresight in managing their budgets and personnel.

Describe yourself:

I served as a law enforcement officer with the Detroit Police Department for 18 years, and union representative for 10 years. I graduated from St. Mary’s High School in Mount Clemens and have a Bachelor and Master's Degrees from Wayne State University. I served as a member of the Chesterfield Township Police and Fire Board as well as the Elected Officials Compensation Commission. I have worked in education for 21 years, currently as Administrator with Anchor Bay School District for 18 years. My children are Anchor Bay graduates and we are members of St. Peter's Catholic Church.

What are your hobbies/causes you're passionate about?

Engaging in occasional woodworking projects and creative yard work are what I consider as hobbies. Reading works on American History and collecting historical artifacts are also sources of personal enjoyment.

What’s one fact about you that would surprise people?

Probably that I had time to finish this questionnaire…

Additional information about you:

I hope to serve on a township board comprised of dedicated and conscientious public servants selected by the voters. We need a representative board willing to work toward ‘consensus building’ to serve the best interests of our residents.  We must recognize that taxpayer dollars are limited and must be managed and spent wisely. My dedication, goals, experience and qualifications attest to my candidacy.




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