New Baltimore Assistant Parks and Rec Director Fired

Parks and Recreation Commission Chairman Larry Gingas announces during Thursday night meeting Carlos Aprea was terminated.

New Baltimore Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Carlos Aprea was fired this week, a recreation official announced Thursday night.

Parks and Recreation Commission Chairman Larry Gingas stated that Aprea was terminated from his position within the department, but did not elaborate. Gingas told the commission the news; there was no further discussion from the chairman or the public, Recreation Commissioner Tom Hepp said after the meeting.

"Yes, the official comment was he was let go," said Hepp, adding the termination was made at the city administration level. He directed further questions to the mayor's office.

Mayor Larry Smith could not be reached for comment Thursday night.

The commission meetings do not draw crowds like city council meetings. Fewer than 10 people were in attendance, he said.

Messages left for Aprea were not immediately returned.

He recently told Patch he was disappointed that he was bypassed for the department's director job in favor of Brian Kay, who hails from Fraser parks and recreation.

"I guess my biggest thing is: I never got an interview," Aprea said. "I think it would be at least a courtesy for someone who's been doing the job for several months."

He said he would pass along many of his ideas, such as a waterfront dog park and kayak rentals, to Kay in hopes of continuing to improve city recreation services.

Last month when , he reiterated that Aprea, whom he selected for the assistant director job two years ago, would keep his position in the city. He also said that the hiring process for the director position was too controversial and that's why the Michigan Recreation and Park Association – not the city – selected from a pool of 60 applicants.

City officials have been at odds about the recreation department and in which direction to take it. The mayor was adamant that leasing property from Anchor Bay Schools would improve recreation, but a .

Aprea regularly taught boxing and other fitness lessons at the recreation center, oversaw events and made department upgrades, such as bringing programs online and expanding class offerings. The former city councilman also represented the department at council meetings, fielding questions about programs and offerings on a regular basis.

He is married to Liz Aprea, who owns and served on the Downtown Development Authority board. Last fall, Liz Aprea confronted city officials, saying she during her eight-month stint on the DDA board. Those community officials denied her accounts. In early February, she announced the to gain more production space.

Debbie March 02, 2012 at 12:26 PM
What a sad day for New Baltimore but interesting events happening. I took classes from Carlos and spoke with him regarding changes in the programs, parks and area business and boy what a big mistake to fire a go getter who wants to better NB and make improvements. So not only did Moon River Soap Company (Owned by Liz Aprea) feel they had to move their business to Rochester but now this. : {
Shelly March 02, 2012 at 01:14 PM
This city has taken their personal agendas and feelings to the next level, not only did they run a great business out of town, they have now killed their Parks and Rec department. Before Carlos the department was a joke and it's offerings pathetic. He was building it it and the residents were returning from Chesterfield to support their own city. Unfortunalty like the children they are they could not get along. I for one will be taking my children and Rec business elsewhere as I am sure a lot of residents will. It's a shame we live in a city that doesn't provide for the people that elect the officials.
Brian March 02, 2012 at 03:48 PM
With the amount of money we pay in taxes in the city of New Baltimore, and for what we get in return, its utterly pathetic!!
Allen Fletcher March 02, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Lets hope that the city can get passed this and move on. as a new resident to new Baltimore I would just like to say that nothing can bring a city down like personal politics. this appears to be a wonderful city with a lot to offer the down town area always has something going on events and activitys for the whole family. that is why we moved here.


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